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Adult Counselling and Prices

ACC Sensitive Claims Counselling 
(Sexual abuse/assault/non-consensual sexual activity, historic or current)
$ Funded through ACC


Individual counselling for women/queer folk. Specialised in sexual abuse and trauma work. Journeying alongside you to help you discover yourself and thrive. 

Sex Therapy for women
(Individual therapy to
support with sexual difficulties). 
$165 - 50 minute sessions

Individual counselling for women/queer folk that includes support around your sexuality, body and sexual experiences. Understanding of some sexual challenges including vaginismus.

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Child and Youth Counselling and Prices

~ Working side by side with tamariki, rangatahi and those who care for them ~

Play Therapy
(Counselling for Children and Teens)
$125 + GST - 50 minute sessions
ACC Sensitive Claims

Child Centered, Person Centered 

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Talking Therapy

(Counselling for Children and Teens)

$125  + GST- 50 minute sessions

ACC Sensitive Claims

Trauma informed 
Combination of therapeutic models to support children wanting to talk through their concerns. 

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Parenting Support and Prices

Parenting Support/ Coaching for Adults
$125  +GST - 50 minute sessions

South Canterbury or online

Child Behaviour.

Sexuality, Bodies & Sexualised Behaviours.

Brain development, Connection & Relationships.

Trauma & Attachment

Strengthening the Parent Child Relationship Therapy (SPCRT)
(Parent-Child Counselling)
$125 + GST - 50 minute sessions

Parent Child Therapy. Strengthening and Supporting Parents/Caregivers to parent therapeutically.

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