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Trainings and Seminars

Below are some trainings offered by Side by Side Therapy NZ.

Contact Claire to create training specific to your team or community. 

Image by Emmanuel Olguín

'Ditching the Birds and the Bees'

...a community seminar on shame-free, confident and safe conversations about sex and bodies.

It can feel scary trying to navigate how to talk to our kids and young people about sex and ultimately how to keep them safe. Claire provides 1-2 hour seminars for parents/caregivers/teachers and other adults, supporting children, helping to build confidence in talking and supporting our children and young people aged infant - 13 years (with transferable skills for teens).

Quality Time

Connected Parenting
Connected Teaching

Parenting and Teaching Workshops

Topics that are explored in this workshop are:

Understanding child and adolescent brains

Working with trauma

Understanding the role of the nervous system in behaviour

Strategies for yourself and the kids and young people you parent/support. 

Technology Class

Tackling the Birds & the Bees with Ease



Topics that are explored in this workshop are:

Normal Sexual Development in children

Sexualised behaviours - normal vs concerning

Body parts and genitals

Shame Free messages

Child Safety

Friends Covering Eyes

Project Vagina

Adults Only! A fun and infomative night out for women. Suitable for community and church groups. 

Claire shares both personal and professional stories related to women's health, sexuality and ways to support yourself and others in your life. This talk is all about bringing to the light, and making known these issues so that women no longer have to journey alone. Breaking the shame and stigma of vaginas and more!

Other Topics

Tackling pornography and the internet with kids and young people

Inclusivity - how to talk with kids about diversity, gender and the rainbow community. 

Play Therapy and Children's Play. 

Managing Anxiety and Big Feelings

Rainbow Socks
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